Common Herb Seeds

Herb seeds are used in cooking all over the world. But along with its cooking factors it is used as a nutritional supplement and they very well compliment the health care regimen. These supplements are by now means new. We have been downing our grandmother's herbal seed concoctions since we were children. Herb seeds are excellent ways of treating illness. Herbs seeds have also been used as a beautifying agent since age old times.

Coriander: used extensively in seed and powder form - this gentle fragrant spice is an important curry ingredient which rounds and balances the hotter spices. Coriander seeds are often used as a garnish in Indian cooking and as an ingredient in salads, chutneys and some curries.

Cumin - an important curry ingredient with a warm and aromatic taste. It is also available in powder form.

Fenugreek seeds - used whole or ground in curries. It gives out a strong aroma and is slightly bitter in taste. It is used in small quantities.

Chaste tree - a popular herbal remedy for premenstrual syndrome, it alleviates complaints of bloating, irritability and depression.

Dandelion - It strengthens the liver and is invaluable after hepatitis and jaundice. It aids digestion and prevents gallstones.

Flax seed - it makes the skin and hair healthier and reduces acne, eczema, psoriasis and sunburn. It lowers cholesterol and reduces inflammation from lupus and gout.

Ginseng - it protects the body from the stress and fatigue, may strengthen the immune system and may also help in treating impotence in men.

Hawthorn - Hawthorn receives angina chest pain, can lower high blood pressure and helps with irregular heartbeat. It is also an effective sedative for insomnia.

Kava - us an excellent remedy for anxiety and panic attacks. It reduces stress and nervous and eases muscle spasms and chronic pain.

Licorice not only soothes sore throats but it also used to treat chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. It helps treat eczema and improves the body immunity.

Pysllium - Psyllium husk is used to treat bowel disorders like constipation, irritable bowels syndrome and hemorrhoids. It also prevents gallstones and lowers cholesterol.

Tea tree oil- it disinfects cuts and makes them heal faster while reducing scarring. It speeds recovery from insect bites and stings, treats athlete's foot and fungal nail infections. It is applied on the skin only.

Cardamom - an important curry spice, strong and aromatic, available as pods and powder.

Black pepper - It is used whole or freshly ground or as powder.

Mustard seed - Used whole or crushed in curries; has a strong, hot flavor and is generally used in small quantities.

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